Stormin’ Solo System.

Stormin’ Solo System.


A new Alcohol System based around my recently developed 750 ml. removable handle, titanium pot with lid.  This concept incorporates the pot with a choice of a titanium or aluminium short cone, a aluminium base-plate, a titanium solid fuel burner tray, and a silicone band.





Titanium or Aluminium Cones

I had the pot manufactured to my own specifications as an ideal solo use, versatile unit. Being with a removable handle, with the essential aid of a robust wide silicone band, makes the pot adjustable to any alcohol stove/burner height. The handle can be placed either in a downward orientation, or upward into the welded fixing bracket. Easier to slip into a pot cosy,  without handles obstructing the process. I would recommend a maximum stove/burner diameter of between 40 and 50 mm



The pot has a lid with a notched stand up tab for handling, and a deep recessed lid which seats snugly in the pots upper rim. Also the lid has no vent holes, making it ideal for cold soaking with the aid of the silicone band as a lid seal. Additionally there are also stamped incremental measurements for millilitres and ounces on the pot wall. Prior to using the setup in the field, I would advise to pre-determine the ideal stove to pot distance with whatever stoves/burners you intend to use.

Also locate the handle to your chosen orientation, using the handle to steady the pot whilst stirring/adjusting.

Silicone band adjusts to suit stove/burner height

Starting at 25mm top of stove to pot base, adjust the silicone band to give your stoves/burners the optimum and most efficient fuel consumption. I will provide a benchmark line at 50 mm above the pot base, scribing a line around the whole circumference with a black permanent marker, You may then add your own reference lines for whatever stoves/burners you are using.The silicone band can also be used to seal the lid for cold soaking your dehydrated meals and breakfasts.

All components are stored inside the pot, as well as additional kitchen items.


Storage space inside the pot.

Always use the provided reflective base-plate for a level and stable surface, this again will aid your stove/burner efficiency as well as protecting the ground and vegetation from fire. The solid fuel burner tray is also used in combination with the base-plate, with solid fuel to pot base advised at 40mm.
The use of a  pot cosy is advised, these can be purchased as an option, along with a Stormin Stove, or a Mini Screw UTD burner.
I know a lot of people like to have their own methods concerning pot handling and pot cosies, the options are there for this purpose.
Titanium 750ml pot and lid. 105g.
Storage sac. 14g.
Aluminium cone. 24g.
Titanium cone. 21.5g.
Aluminium base-plate. 13.3g.
Silicone band. 8.8g.
Titanium solid fuel tray. 1.4g.

Additional options are a reflective insulated cosy/holder. 15g.

Mini Screw UTD burner. 6g.
Stormin Stove. 14g.

Please add an additional paypal payment of £1.50 for European countries, and £6.50 for international overseas countries.

Ti. Solo System
Including Pot, Cone, Base-Plate, Tray & Silicone Band  £52.50

Additional Items

Mini Screw UTD burner £2.50

Reflective insulated Cosy £5.00

Stormin Stove £4.50

Al. Solo System
Including Pot, Cone, Base-Plate, Tray & Silicone Band £42.50

Additional Items
Mini Screw UTD burner £2.50

Reflective insulated Cosy £5.00

Stormin Stove £4.50