Reflective Base Plate

Reflective Baseplate

With the Cone and Pothugger, when setting up on uneven ground can make a big difference to stability and fuel efficiency.  I have tried baking foil and pie tins as ground reflectors but they lack the rigidity required.  I experimented with a few designs until a fully retractable baseplate was formed.  Made from  Gr 2 Titanium or aluminium this compact baseplate gives a stable, even base for the stove and windshield.

Uk Delivery

Baseplate - £4.50-£8.00

Stormin Stoves System. Reflective 
,made from Gr 2 Titanium or aluminium,to fit cones or windshields, available in 3 sizes.
These are designed to work with my stove system, the rivet sits under the concave bottom of the burner.  A very compact version of 4 folding sections for easier packing,
Size 1 up to 150 mm base diameter cone/windshield. 15g. retracts to 80x80 mm.
Size 2 up to 190 mm " " " 21g. retracts to100x100 mm.
Size 3 up to 230 mm " " " 25g. retracts to 120x120 mm
Aids fuel economy and stove to pot distance on uneven surfaces.
Avoids ground scorch,leave no trace.
Use with rivet tail to underside of burner.

When ordering please state size required.

Outside UK

Baseplate - £4.50 - £8.00