Stormin Cone

Stormin Cones

Stormin Cones are designed by me for my own Stove System.

After much searching and deliberating over a best functional windshield, the cone came out on top.  Followed closely by my Pothugger windshield.
A cone is the most stable setup for meths/ethanol/alcohol cooking when camping.  It contains the heat and uses it, not only to the bottom of the pot, but also radiates the walls of the pot.
No heat is wasted as with a simple open screen.
The air inlet holes around the lower part are tuned with the exhaust holes around the upper, Providing the right balance for complete fuel combustion. Thereby maximizing heat output and fuel economy.

Made up of two parts, the cone upper and lower parts are able to be split, thus allowing for convenient storage in the pot it is made for but still a conical windshield/pot-stand combined.

All Stormin Cones are supplied with a Stormin Stove as standard.

 I cannot offer the Stormin Cone for sale in the pictured form, for sale in the USA.

Adaptations will have to be made to avoid USA patent infringements, ie. pot support/ suspension.

These adaptions will be available to all Cones and will be explained upon request.
A cone is a simple mathematical calculation, creating the templates and building, are where the hard work begins.

My cones are produced using tensile aluminium.  Not only lightweight, but resilient enough for all but the clumsiest of hikers.
I can make a cone to fit the majority of pots, pans, mugs currently available on the backpacking market.  
With the ability to stack inside the pot they are made for.
As you can see, the lower part of the cone is regularly spaced with rivets, these are the locators for the upper part keyhole notches.

Lap fell Lock has a good ring to it, a simple yet foolproof joint lock.  Mean weight of the cone will depend on the pot it is made for, between 30 and 45g is a rough guide.
The cone functions best with the Stormin Stove.

Please enter pot name and dimensions A.B.C.D.E. into the dialogue box before ordering.

You can enter the name and make of your pot in any of the dialogue boxes.

When measuring a pot with an indented rim like the Evernew series, measure from the lower indent.

As shown by the arrows, for dimensions A.and E.

You may find it easier to measure across the base of pots with a pourer /spout,

to determine the diameter "D".



A - Height To Underside Of Rim


B - Width Of Handles, Top


C - Width Of Handles, Bottom


D - Diameter Under The Rim


E - Underside Of Rim To Bottom Of Handles