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I can now offer the Stormin Stove Systems Cone in titanium.

Featuring a wood burning option for limited alcohol supplies.  All cones will be supplied with the Stormin Stove alcohol burner as standard.

All cones will be in two halves, as with the aluminium cones, vertically storable in their own pot.  Made to order to fit your particular pot or pan, or most backpacking cook pots on the market.

There is a choice of options regarding the cones, used with a single, split cone and the titanium base-plate, a simple fire can be made.  With the addition of the two stainless steel pot supports, boiling water is an easy task.

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For a more comprehensive wood burning setup I have enhanced the System with the Stormin Furnace, along with the titanium base-plate and grate, this is the bees knees for nil fuel cost.  With the furnace and cone combination, complete combustion of the wood is achieved.  By the intake of air through the lower vents the fire is quick to draw, heat is doubly advanced by the consumption of gasses in the upper airflow.  This causes the complete combustion of all available fuel in the Furnace, noticeable by the small trace of white ash when the fire dies.

Weights for the System are variable, as an example for the Alpkit Mytipot 900. are thus:-

All elements are titanium apart from the pins (s.s.) grate and stove.

Split cone 43 g

Split Furnace 27 g

4 Piece pivotal base plate 17 g

Grate and stand 8 g

Pins ( Pot Supports) 8 g

Stove 9 g

All cones are supplied with a Stormin Stove burner.   Stormin Simmer rings also function with the cones.

When taking the dimensions of the pot or pan, please bear in mind, and enter the name, make and model of your pot in any of the dialogue boxes. You can do this in any of the dialogue boxes ABCDE. Also, if the pan or pot has an indented lid feature as in the picture below. Measure from the lower part of the indent to give dimensions A and E. If you find it awkward to find the diameter D, measure across the base on straight sided pots and pans.

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  1. Jim Bland (verified owner)

    Received ti system today for my Alpkit 650 mug/pot. Tried it out and was totally impressed with simplicity and effectiveness of this system. I’m not hung up on timings etc as a good brew takes as long as it takes but the timings on the accompanying info was spot on.
    Everything fitting inside the mug with brew ingredients makes it a great “pick up and go” brew kit.
    Well made and built to last. A credit to the maker

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