Stormin Stoves


They have the advantage over the lower height wick stoves used with a bottom vented windshields.  Commonly between 20-25mm high they are in direct line of incoming wind fluctuations, causing flame disruption and uneven heat conduction.

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Built using recycled aluminium soda cans, the Stormin Stove is designed to be used with my cone and Pothugger windshields.  These stoves are also usable with all pots and mugs available on the backpacking/camping market.

My stoves are 32mm high x 50mm diameter, making for a more efficient burn with less disruption to the flame pattern from air intakes.  Completely spill-proof due to the super absorption of the wick material.  Burns for approximately 18 minutes on 30ml of fuel, with pot set at 20mm above top of stove rim.  Boil times will vary depending on temperature and conditions.  Maximum fuel capacity is 35mm.  Weight of stove is 9g.  Provided with its own custom container with airtight cap ,preventing any contamination when stored in your pot.

Only use alcohol based fuels,ie.Methylated spirit/ ethanol or similar.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 mm


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