Developed for use with pans from 115 – 145mm diameter.  Weight varies between 8-9g.

Designed to be compatible with all Stormin Stove Systems windshields.

The main purpose of the burner is for boiling water, it is also capable of simmering, with the optional titanium Flame Reducer/ Simmer Ring. Completely spill-proof, thanks to the super absorption of the wicking material.





Boil times will vary, depending on wind/ temperature and barometric pressure. Bio-ethanol or methylated spirits are our primary fuel sources in the UK, you can source higher grade ethanol and methanol if you wish to experiment with different mixtures.  Controlled tests have achieved 5min 10 sec. boil time, expect 6min +/- for normal weather conditions.

I have tried to optimise minimum fuel consumption with maximum heat output,giving a faster boil time than my original stove.
Pour 20mm of alcohol fuel into the open cup of the burner.

This is the minimum amount of fuel required to boil 500ml of water. Although 20ml of fuel is required, the actual amount of fuel burned is 15-16ml.

Set your baseplate, you can ignite the burner while holding in one hand and lighting with the other.
Ignite the exposed Carbon woven fabric, place on a baseplate, inside the windshield.

Wait 15- 25 seconds for the burner to bloom. ie. flames emitting from the jets.
Place the pot into the windshield over the centre of the burner and wait for your boil.


With pots/mugs with smaller diameters than the recommended minimum of 115mm,the Stormin Flame Reducer/Simmer Ring is strongly advisable. This will control the flame pattern/ heat output to the underside of your pot or mug. thus avoiding heat loss up the sides of your vessel and thermal feedback to the stove. This causes rapid fuel consumption and over heating of the stove. Over heating can deform and melt your aluminium windshield, Titanium will withstand higher temperature exposure.

Boil times will vary, depending on conditions.
In a controlled enviroment the burner boiled 500 ml of 18.6C. water with 20 ml of bio-ethanol in 5 min. 10 secs.Fuel consumed was 15.5ml. 20 ml of fuel is the minimum required to achieve enough vapourisation to force fuel through the jets consistently.
Unburned fuel, which can be saved by returning the burner to its container when sufficiently cooled,warm, but not hot.This will avoid evaporation and contamination when stored in your pot or elsewhere in your pack.

When refilling the stove, do not overfill, pour in just enough to soak the black base material without pooling.

Filling the burner to capacity, 30ml, will bring a faster boil, your fuel cosumption will be slightly higher,due to thermal feedback to the stove, making it hotter and boiling the fuel faster.
This may also result in incomplete combustion, resulting in heavy sooting to your pot.
Stove to pot distance is a pre-determined height when using any Stormin Stove System.
If you wish to use this burner with a potstand and other wind shields then the stove to pot distance needs to be 23mm.
The minimum recommended pot diameter is 115mm; narrower pots will cause most of the burners energy wasted up the sides of the pot, unless using a cone or Pothugger windshield.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 50 mm