Short Titanium Cone


Popular with minimalist hikers, these cones are made to function with a silicone band as a pot suspension means. Made for use with any of my stoves and burners, they are one piece and set within a few seconds. They are made to fit inside any  pot with diameter ranges from 80 mm; to 115 mm.



Using my 95mm diameter pots, with no lower handle fixing points, height adjustment with the silicone band is the same for both, using the same cone. For other pots, the lower handle fixing piece, usually welded, is the restrictive height of the cones coverage.

Cone weights will vary by a few grams,17- 24, according to size. Please add the make and model of your pot,in any dialogue box, and the diameter or circumference of the pot at a point directly below the welded handle fixing plate. Also the distance from the base of the pot to the same lower handle fixing point. Only the cone and silicone band are included.


Additional information

Weight 24 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm