Screw UTD burner


Introducing a new burner with a screw top lid and leak proof gasket.The burner has a internal diameter of 55mm and  height of 18mm without the lid.


The wadding is a heat and fuel absorbing material which will not shrink or distort. The fuel capacity is 40ml and will be rendered spill proof by the absorption of the wadding.

15ml of alcohol will boil 500ml of water. any unburned fuel will be saved by screwing down the lid after the burner has cooled. DO NOT use the lid to snuff the flame,this will damage or melt the gasket,  blow out or use a dedicated snuffer for the purpose.

Fill the burner by pouring directly over the wadding with ethanol or methylated spirits, I will recommend a minimum amount of 20ml. This amount will be ample to boil 500ml of water at temperatures of 1-8 degrees C. with fuel to spare.

If using this burner with other windshields and pot stands, the pot base to top of burner distance should be 23-25 mm for                                                                                             optimum efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 58 × 58 × 20 mm