Removable Handle Pots


Two sizes of versatile Titanium pots, 750, and 550 ml. Both with sealable lids and removable handles.Designed for Solo use and functionality,both pots are 95mm. diameter, therefore can be used with the same short cone alcohol system. Ideal when used combined with a cosy.

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Made from grade 1&2 titanium, with a thickness of  0.4 mm; makes these pots more robust than other, thinner walled models. The lids are unperforated, and can be sealed using my silicone bands for cold soaking/rehydration while on the move. The 750 pot has millilitres and ounce marks for convenience.

Each is supplied with its own mesh storage bag.

Weights: 750 = 105g.  550 =91g.

750 =£25.  550 =£20.

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