Pothugger Windshield


Have you ever used a free standing aluminium windshield ? I think the majority will answer yes.

They have a tendency to move around in windy conditions, unless pegged down or well sheltered.  The Pothugger will be stable in almost any exposed situation, due to the stand off spacers within the windshield.

Constructed in two parts from tensile aluminium, the upper and lower connect together with the same method as the cone.

Plus the lower half has holes for the option of using two custom made stainless steel pins as a pot rest.  This makes a rigid, stable unit where the whole setup becomes one piece.

When ordering please state the pot for intended use and include the dimensions A.B.C.D.E. from the photo below. Also preferred pot rest, pins or Eassy.
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The standoff spacers give a 8 mm gap all around the pot, allowing heat to radiate the sides of the pot as well as the underside.  Of course the pins need to be titanium or stainless steel to avoid deforming, or an Eassy pot rest can be used.

This is available, along with the pins, when purchasing.

With a combination of a Reflective baseplate,  (purchased separately) and Stormin Stove, supplied as standard with the Pothugger, gives you a customised, stable setup.

Can be made for any pot, pan or mug, great for bowl shaped pans or fixed bale handles, rimless cooking pots and kettles.

Of course the added benefit of being stackable, in the pot it was made for, makes this a very versatile windshield. Weight of featured Pothugger is 36g


Additional information

Weight 0.050 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 12.5 mm


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