A one piece cone which stores horizontally in your pan.

This option is available for pans with shallow depth and wide diameters.  Wall depths between 45mm-75mm. Diameters from 120mm-155mm.

Titanium or Aluminium versions, this System is offered with the new Stormin Screw UTD burner, with Baseplate in Aluminium and storage sleeve, this will avoid scratching the inner coating of non stick pans.

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The Titanium version will include a solid fuel Titanium tray, pan Support pins for wood burning mode and a titanium Base plate, with an additional square of titanium to protect the base plate rivet when prolonged wood-burning.

A further option is the addition of an inverted cone Furnace for complete wood burning plus grate and stand. Both Systems will include a measure cup for filling the burner.

Please enter pot name and dimensions A.B.C.D.E. into the dialogue box before ordering.

You can enter the name and make of your pot in any of the dialogue boxes.

When measuring a pot with an indented rim like the Evernew series, measure from the lower indent.

As shown by the arrows, for dimensions A.and E.

You may find it easier to measure across the base of pots with a pourer /spout,

to determine the diameter “D”.

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