Cold Soak System Guide


The spacer rivets automatically centralise the 750 can.
  • Remove can from your sac.
  • Remove contents from 500 can.
  • Set the windshield by matching black dots on opposing joint folds, then slide into each other vertically, inner spacer rivets near the top edge.
The spacer rivets automatically centralise the 750 pot.
  • Locate the pot support pins into the small diameter holes in the windshield, these are at the optimum height for the burner or tray.
  • Upper support pin holes for solid fuel tray, lower holes for Mini alcohol heater.
  • The correct orientation for the windshield is, blanked screen (no holes)into the wind.
  • Unfold the pivotal baseplate and place on level surface.
  • Release the screw on lid from the heater.
  • Dispense 20ml of ALCOHOL based fuel into the white absorbent material.
  • Place heater on baseplate.
The spacer rivets automatically centralise the 750 can.
The spacer rivets automatically centralise the 750 can.
  • Light burner, with a lighter preferably or matches.
  • Place windshield with pins, centrally over burner or solid fuel tray.
  • Place the titanium 750 pot, with silicone seal rolled down from the lid, below the pot rim, into windshield.
  • Loosen the lid and set it lightly on the pot.
  • You can do this with the pot lifter if needed. Cover the food with the lid loosely,hold the can with the pot lifter to stir the contents.
  • Heat until the consistency you desire.
  • When ready, lift can from the windshield with the pot lifter and place in the cosy. Blow out the heater if still lit.
  • Use the cosy to hold the pot with one hand and eat with the other.
  • Wash and rinse the titanium pot using your preferred method.
  • wash the cosy as you would wash woolens, fill the pot with hot water and place in the cosy to dry it, and retain its shape.